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Hi guys, So yesterday the cow pony and I decided to go and have a dabble in some registered showjumping. As I am primarily from a showing and working hunter background, I am still catching up on the style in the showjumping sphere. Well I am not one for bling or sparkle, and I don't think cow pony is either, but I do like to be comfortable (and avoid the embarrassing sweat marks!) while looking smart. I wore the super affordable (only £25.99!) Equi Theme mesh show shirt in blue in the 20degrees heat WITH my show jacket on top...

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Hi guys, So this is my first blog post and I must admit am a teeeeny bit nervous about what to write about, and of course what you guys will think!  I will be sharing the odd blog to keep you updated on what is going on at Rockvale, whether it is new products to the shop, special offers on the website, the trial of a new product, or just what I got up to at the weekend with my own horses.  My little dream team of super mares are chilling in the field today while I crack on adding...

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