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What Our Customers say

Just want to let you know I’m on my second tub of GoldPlus and the difference I’ve noticed in my 17yo tb mare is unbelievable! Before she found it hard to hack/ride for more than half an hour without feeling stiff and sore.. last weekend we went on a trail ride and it was well over an hour. She bounced around the trail from start to finish full of energy and feeling better than ever!! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!! Thanks so much 😊 x

Keeva Gilmore

It’s works it’s amazing!!! Will be over for some more gold plus this week 😍
Not as stiff more supple and seems comfortable, he’s a different pony really enjoying his riding atm!! 😍😍 I love it feels like he hasn’t aged at all now!!

Lauren G

I felt such despair having done a training session in Le Trec and my horse had freaked out so badly at the various obstacles I just didn't know why he'd become so bad. I was referred to Eirin who sent me a sample of Calming Herbal Blend to add to the feed. I did another Le Trec this weekend just gone and he was scoring 10 out if 10 over a lot of the obstacles and had the courage to try and complete the scariest ones.  Hacking out can still be challenging at times but I have the courage now to correct it as the majority of the time he is so much better.


I've been using the calming herbs for over a year. I swear by them my mare is so calm both in and out of season. Tried her without for a week and she became mare dragon. I only use a small amount as that is all she needs to take the edge off.

Ruth Kavanagh

Brilliant stuff have a stressy mare with ulcers on this. Totally different rideable lady now. Can’t rate this product and Eirin Corbett enough.

Laura Wilson