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Restore – Liquid Liver Tonic

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Signs of poor liver function can be very varied and may appear very slowly as functional capacity becomes reduced or may be of very sudden onset when a massive liver by-pass of absorbed ‘toxic’ metabolites occurs – such syndromes as laminitis and photosensitisation are examples of this. The instances of a slower demonstration of lack of liver function may be reduced coat appearance, reluctance to shed coat, poor digestive function, looseness or frank diarrhoea or a general unthriftiness or lack of sparkle.

Indian Herbs have developed a unique herbal extract – ‘LIVOL’ – that can be mixed with horse feed. Livol is a proven tonic for liver function. Livol is an assembly of plants (herbal) extracts without chemical transformation. It is produced under the most stringent conditions of growth, harvesting and ‘fingerprinting’ of activity by advanced chromatographical techniques. Quality control is of the highest order and guarantees completely consistent quality and efficacy. The pharmacological and toxicological studies ensure a preparation that is safe as well as effective.

Recent scientific tests have shown that Livol also helps to improve pancreatic and duodenal enzyme production and enhances the other processes of digestion as well. It has also been observed that Livol helps to improve glycogenesis, glycogenolysis and glycolysis. The use of Livol not only ensures optimal liver function but also, because of its effect on bile secretion, optimises digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, fats and fat soluble nutrients as well as minerals and thereby aids the metabolic state of the horse.

Use of Livol is recommended for 20 days, twice a year, on all horses and ponies for optimum health and performance.

Size 500ml - one 20 day course for one horse.