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Calming Herbal Blend - 100% natural feed supplement

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🌱 What’s inside.. a blend of vervain, raspberry leaf, chamomile, passionflower, marshmallow root, peppermint, lemon balm and meadowsweet to support the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems.
🌱 1kg one month supply for one average 500kg horse fed on maintenance rate of 30g per day.
🌱Feeding rates: 500kg horse- 30-50g per day. Ponies 15-30g per day. One standard kitchen mug holds approx 40g.

“As a last resort I bought some of the calming herbal blend to try on a stressy 5yo. I’ve tried other calmers before without success and was extremely sceptical about buying something 'unbranded' although decided it was worth a try based on the reviews on fb.
I’ve been using it for a week now and the horse has literally turned inside out and is so much more rideable and quiet without losing his spark. I genuinely cannot recommend this calmer enough. He’s very stressy, nappy and very prone to rearing. We usually have 3 rears before we even get into the practice arena. Today we had none! And he jumped a lovely round this morning.”-  Ruth Will

“I am in complete awe of your calming blend! I think Queenie has been on it around a week now, and we ventured out to our first hunt in 2 years. Usually she would spent the majority of the time rearing, bucking and generally being sharp. Today however she was an absolute angel! She didn't put a foot wrong, and was an absolute pleasure to ride all day! I'm so thrilled I gave the blend a go, and we will definitely keep using it!” - Shannon McNally