LeMieux Pro Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah - Dark Brown

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The perfect choice for those who want a high quality WH numnah with a discrete edge. 

The Merino lambskin numnah is a fantastic depth with a cut away girth area allowing a girth to fit nice and snug to minimise slippage and provide superior comfort . The numnah, which has a forward cut on the front edge to accommodate WH saddles, is available in a number of different sizes to ensure the perfect fit, making the WH numnah super versatile. A popular numnah due to the luxurious Merino Lambskin wool everybody adores. Adding that classic look to your competition attire..

Size of  Showing Pad Size of Saddle
XS 15" / 15.5"
Small 16" / 16.5"
Medium 17"
Large 17.5"
XL 18"