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** Unfortunately due to the increased costs of ingredients, materials and production we have had to increase the price of oour Herbal Blend. We have held off and held off to see if prices would come down, but unfortunately as costs continue to increase we can no longer sustain this. 1kg bags will now cost £32 and 2kg bags will cost £58. Apologies and we hope you understand.

A 100% natural dietary supplement to support the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems in horses and ponies. Our unique blend combines Vervain, Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Passionflower, Marshmallow root, Peppermint, Lemon Balm and Meadowsweet in the optimal ratios to reduce stress, anxiety, and nervous behaviour. 


Vervain... proven to be highly effective on fizzy or spooky horses, having the ability to calm and help with concentration. Combined here with Chamomile (which has it's own potent calming properties) it is highly effective at relieving tension and reducing nervous energy, promoting cool, calm behaviour and responses.

Raspberry leaves... shown to be highly effective in maintaining hormone balance. A superb natural remedy for managing aggressive behaviour in mares, making them more comfortable during estrus. The inclusion of raspberry leaf in our Calming Herbal Blend makes it an ideal dietary supplement for mares who can become stressy, excitable or just generally hard to manage when in season.

Passion Flower... for years passion flower has been widely recognised for its calming properties, and its ability to combat excessive nervousness, anxiety, tension and irritability. It works extremely well alongside the other natural ingredients in our Calming Herbal Blend to support a healthy nervous system.

Marshmallow root... as well as having its own fantastic calming benefits, marshmallow root has some exciting properties which contribute to reducing inflammation along the digestive tract and soothing the gut! Marshmallow root has a high mucilage content that soothes both irritation and inflammation, making it ideal for stressy horses and ponies that tend to be prone to digestive disorders such as gastric ulcers. 

Peppermint... more than just a tasty treat! Mint not only offers an appealing smell and taste to horses, but also quality digestive support. It also contains naturally occurring chemical compounds that offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to both digestive and overall health and well-being.

Lemon Balm... a super palatable herb for horses which is also well known for its calming properties! It works brilliantly alongside Chamomile to calm nervousness, and reduce anxiety and stress. Lemon balm is also known for its anti-spasmodic effects on muscle pains and stomach contractions, making it ideal for horses exposed to high-stress environments, such as performance horses or those adapting to reduced turnout time such as a those on box rest.

Meadowsweet... a popular natural remedy for managing gastric ulcers in horses, it has been shown to work like an antacid. Meadowsweet has shown to be effective at maintaining ideal conditions in pH along the digestive system, and therefore contributing to both the treatment and prevention of equine gastric ulcer syndrome.


Recommended Usage:

Horses: 30-50g per day.

Ponies: 15-30g per day.  

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