Finding a shirt for showjumping that I love!👌🏼

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Finding a shirt for showjumping that I love!👌🏼

Hi guys,

So yesterday the cow pony and I decided to go and have a dabble in some registered showjumping. As I am primarily from a showing and working hunter background, I am still catching up on the style in the showjumping sphere.

Well I am not one for bling or sparkle, and I don't think cow pony is either, but I do like to be comfortable (and avoid the embarrassing sweat marks!) while looking smart. I wore the super affordable (only £25.99!) Equi Theme mesh show shirt in blue in the 20degrees heat WITH my show jacket on top and I stayed cool and comfortable all day. I was able to take my jacket off to walk cow pony down without the dreaded sweat marks, and I think we looked pretty smart for a pair of novices. Even better the cow pony jumped another smashing double clear for me hurrah!! :D 

I went for this shirt in blue (I am a very blue/navy kind of girl) but it is also available in white and pink, and a sleeveless option is also available for the really hot days. I am a true size 8 and the size 8 fitted like a glove, and you always have that bit of stretch in the material anyway. Overall, 10/10 for this shirt!

Now back to work, it's bank holiday Monday and the shop is open for business. I hope to squeeze in a hack with 5yo Lottie to our local cross country centre Hazeldene Farm & Livery for a school round this evening - highly recommend if you are in the Co Down area!

Have a good one and bye for now :)





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